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As seasons change, screens need to, too!

Screen doors are a great way to let a breeze in while keeping the bugs out during the warm, summer months. But after awhile the wear and tear on the screens will be screaming for a repair.

The screen door was invented by Iowa native, Hannah Harger in 1887 — didn’tyaknow? While she was the first to patent the idea, the use of various types of screens had been in use before then. Usually used to keep bugs and animals out of the house, other screens were used to keep the dust out depending where you lived.
And since those times, screens have had their lifespan and have needed to be replaced.
Now is the perfect time to come into Exeter Paint and have your screen doors and windows repairs before packing them away for the winter.
Save yourself the time in the Spring and have your screens ready to go for when the heat returns!
We now fix window screens starting at $16.99! 
We offer the highest quality in window, door, porch and patio screens, retractable screens and disappearing screens and we’re probably right around the corner from you.