Adding depth to a small room

Depending on personal style, the color to make a small room in your home feel bigger will differ — but focus on choosing from a light and airy palate of paints will allow you to brighten up any small space. 

1) Using one light color will help elimate edges creating a sense of fluidity in an other wise obviously small space seperated by sharp corners.

2) Add light. Whether its from a hanging cieling light, a tall floor lamp or adding reflecting surfaces such as decorative mirrors or framed photos – this will help remove barriers in your space. Adding full length mirrors to a wall is also a creative way to add depth to your room.

3) With that said: Don’t overclutter a space. While you may want to add some decorative mirrors or frames, do it in a minimalistic way. Same applies to furniture – keep the basics and avoid the clutter.

4)  The floor + cieling are important too! Make sure you keep the flooring light – whether its wooden floors, tiles, or a carpet. Keep the cieling a light color as well helping avoid a “closed in” feeling from above.

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