An Interview with Nina McCarthy | A Beautiful Room, LLC

“Would Cobalt blue be too much?” the woman asked Nina McCarthy while sitting at the lime green table in the entry of Exeter Paint.

Nina, interior designer, helped the woman maneuver through the various shades of blue – looking for the perfect fit for her kitchen walls. They bounced ideas off one another while flipping through the pamphlet.  

While Nina is available for in-store consultations, she much prefers visiting the clients home where she can get an idea of who they are, what they like and what style they may be seeking with their new interior decoration.

“I’ll walk in and look around, I take pictures, but I just get this feeling,” says Nina about starting a new project. “The colors just come to me, and I just keep going walking around the room: they [the clients] follow around saying ‘YES!’ or ‘Um, no!’ But I just see it in my head.”

Nina, passionate for interior design since a young girl, started redecorating her home at the early age of six.

“When my parents would use to go out to dinner and I’d have a babysitter, I’d go through the whole house and redo everything,” remembered Nina. “I would change my room around constantly, and I didn’t just do it at my house. I did it at all of my friends’ houses. So it just became a hobby. “

Her parents would come home pleasantly surprised and always say, “Oh my god! This looks really good.” So they’d leave it until a couple months would pass and Nina got tired of it and did it all again.

Now with her office based in Exeter Paint at 75 Portsmouth Ave in Exeter, NH, Nina does consulting and interior design throughout the Seacoast New Hampshire area, having turned her childhood hobby into her dream job.

Under the name A Beautiful Room, LLC, Nina has decorated model home units to law firms throughout the area – along with many a family’s and friend’s homes to add to her résumé, too.
Taking the plunge to make her passion a full time job just one year ago, Nina got her first big break about ten years ago when Renee Riedel-Plummer, owner of Two International Group, contacted her to decorate the new model penthouse in 1 Harbor Place in Portsmouth, NH by Memorial Bridge. Nina said yes.

“It was a huge success and it started to escalate from there,” Nina said. “She hooked me up with somebody and then somebody who knows somebody . . . and that’s how I got started.”

Before her big break, she had dabbled with smaller design projects with while she studied to become a certified Interior Decorator through Stafford Career Institute.

Now, Nina keeps busy with new projects all the time –her passion is visible in her work and she keeps her price fair which is why she continues to get raving reviews and repeat customers time and time again.

She keeps a positive outlook on her experiences that have led her to where she is now, “I feel like every single person I’ve met along the way has helped me to get where I am today.” While her happy customers keep her passionate for what she creates.

She says their reaction when they first see the finished product that Nina has been able to create for the family. “So yes, definitely, that’s the most rewarding. Their approval, their outburst, and excitement about their new space. Because this is their home, and when you go into someone’s home you have to tread very carefully and be very respectful.”

And for any of those young, inspiring interior decorators out there, Nina leaves us with his advice: “Be passionate. Be honest. Have fun.”

For those wishing to find out more information about decorating consultations, please visit Nina on her website:; Facebook @A Beautiful Room LLC; and at her office at Exeter Paint on 75 Portsmouth Ave in Exeter, NH.