Spicing Up A Forgotten Hallway

We always focus on the kitchen, the living room, or bedroom spaces — but what about those forgotten hallways? We’ve brought together some of our favorite ideas to help spice up your hall walls.

Lights Give your hallway some sparkle by adding some
string lights or some  gorgeous metal light fixtures.


 Frames Whether it’s of your favorite artist, family photos,
or dream holiday destinations – frame them up and display them
in the hallway to add a little extra pizzazz!


 Mirror Looking to make that narrow hallway feel bigger?
Add some stylish mirrors to the walls and let the magic happen.


 Bold Colors Afraid to add that bold color to the kitchen or living room?
Test it out in the hallway and see how it feels!


 Book Shelves Display your life’s collection of books in the hallway.
Add a little dreaming to your stroll from room to room.


 Stripes Add texture to the walls by using stripes to design your hallway!


We want to know! What do your hallways look like?