Get Creative with Chalkboard Paint

While browsing this wonderful thing called the internet, charging up our creative juices, we’ve come across this brillant website full of ideas for Chalkboard Paint! And what a better way to spend a weekend than creating beautiful things!?!

1) Chalkboard Painted Wine Bottles (via Bell’alimento) : I’m sure we’ve all got some extra wine bottles laying around the house, and if you’re not that much into wine or you don’t drink at all – just ask around and soon you’ll have your own small collection. Use Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint in order to create your own center pieces for a wedding, event, or simply your own personal home decorations. Add your own inspirational words or leave unmarked. Both provide for a unique and elegant decoration.

2) Chalkboard Painted Mugs (via Wit and Whistle) : Customize these mugs with chalkboard paint to give your drinks they’re ow personality!

3) Chalkboard Painted Fridge (via HGTV + The Fancy) : Revamp that old fridge and give it some new life with a few layers of Chalkboard Paint. Make it a fun place for your kids to leave messages (or for you!) Good for list making, inspirations, or fun + creative drawings.

4) Chalkboard Stairs (via My Home Rocks) : Wait? Stairs you can draw on!? Yes, please. For a little more inspiration as you hike those stairs every day, add your own wise words or drawings.

For more amazing ideas, check out: Chalk It Up: 40 Creative Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint  + don’t forget to stop into Exeter Paint for your own Benjamin Moore Chalk Paint!

Don’t let another weekend slip away without making your own Chalkboard Paint project!

Chalkboard Paint Ideas | DIY Projects

Whether it’s in the kitchen, the kid’s playroom, or in the garage – using Chalkboard Paint can add a little twist to any room!

Some Do It Yourself project ideas from our team to yours!

1) Daily Menu & Planner | Let the family know what’s on the menu for the day from breakfast to dinner! Or use it to organize your days and schedules. Paint the chalkboard paint in a square or rectangular shape on the wall, frame it with decorative molding or colorful paint, and use as you wish!*

2) Kids Playroom Wall & Artist Area | Have budding artists that can’t seem to contain their creativity? Paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint and let their creative juices flow with this eco-friendly and fun project! They’ll love to draw on the walls and you’ll love the no-fuss, no-paper waste!

3) Eco-Friendly Message Board | We all leave notes and make the daily “To-Do” list! Use chalkboard paint to make your daily reminders more eco-friendly and fun for the family. Paint an area with chalkboard paint and frame it with decorative molding or colorful paint. Then create calendars or lists to help organize your day!*

4) Organize | Spice up the kitchen cabinets or closets with chalkboard paint to organize different containers. Simply paint a small square or circle on each container and let dry. Use chalk to label containers and never spend time searching for what you need again!

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Benjamin Moore Paints and California Paints.