A Vision Nobody Else Can See!

Do you feel like you don’t have enough space in your home anymore? Do you feel like you have to move? Pay a bigger mortage?

It really won’t have to come down to that. We promise.

Let Nina from A Beautiful Room work her magic and help you see what she can see. It’s a simple raising of a ceiling or taking down a wall and adding smart and stylish storage to help give you the space you need . . . and deserve. Nina believe that one her strong sides as a designer is being able to see things that home owners can’t quite envision without her help:  “I can look at something and create a whole new look by just tweaking it a bit.”

Her latest project shows us just that — take an old, stuffed closet; a useless wall; and a tiny mudroom. Can you even believe the results?

“With three young daughters it was important to give the family the space they needed,” shared Nina. “I took down the wall where the closet was to open up the space, lifted the ceiling — there was an unused crawlspace upstairs — and added the mudroom shelving and cubbies for the girls.”

before_after2  before_after1

New tile was installed on the floors by G&N Flooring
Color: Mesa Verde Tan by Benjamin Moore via Exeter Paint Stores
Lighting Chandelier & Four Recessed Lights in Ceiling by West Elm
Contractor, Carpentry, and Painting by Olde School Renovations, LLC — Alan Gay, highly recommened.

Pinterest Inspiration

Despite living and loving New England with all our hearts, sometimes we just have to say enough is enough! Instead of all this white, we’re looking forward to all the beautiful sounds, smells, and colors of the Spring!

Meant for rebirth and renewable, the Spring is the perfect season to refresh your cozy home. So, open the windows, let the breeze flow through, and pack away all those warm, Winter sweaters . . .

Okay, that might be wishful thinking for now, but we can start with some indoor paint projects by injecting a little Spring onto our walls, furniture, and fabrics!

What are your favorite Spring color combinations?

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Office Space Inspirations

Whether you’re a freelancer working from home or simply like an extra space to organize your things, you’ll love some of these inspirations we’ve found floating around the web!

1. Keep it fresh + open!  4be2e74b516d7e3bb4153e3a66d92fbf

Keeping your workspace filled with natural light and bright colors will help give you that extra motivation to get to the office every day. Natural light will leave you feeling more awake and focused as opposed to a dark and unnatural lit setting. 

2. Use those nooks!

Even if you don’t have an extra room to convert into an office, try making use of those small spaces and get organized. Convert an under the stairway area to a great 33f949a69f7df731ee724ecc92db3d17place to work and organize your books, papers, etc. for an out of the way office space.

3. Decorate the walls

Making your office feel creative can help inspire those juices to flow every day. Decorating your office will give that space your unique touch and make your workspace more comfortable on even your most stressful days.

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Photos collected via Pinterest and can be found in our “Office Space Decor” board!

Photos from top to bottom >>
1) via abeautifulmess.com
2) via centsationalgirl.com
3) via apartmenttherapy.com
4) via howtodecorate.com

Want Over $100 Savings in Paint + Design?

This holiday season, Exeter Paint + A Beautiful Room have teamed up to bring you over $100 savings in paint products and professional design expert advice as well as a chance to give back to the community!

13559669471109801342Happy Holidays Lights.svg.hi

Step 1: Bring in 4 Non Perishable Food Items to either Exeter Paint or Exeter Paint West anytime from December 3rd to December 23rd. Donations will be made to Cross Roads in Portsmouth, N.H.pacific_eggshell_large

Step 2: The gift for you! 4 Cants for 4 Cans Holiday Promo! Once you’ve donated your canned goods, we’ll give you 4 GALLONS OF INTERIOR WALL PAINT and A 1 HOUR In Home Color Consultation with Nina from A Beautiful Room ~ over a $300 value for only $99.00 !!

Step 3: Schedule your In Home Color Consultation with Nina today!

A_Beautiful_Room_-_blue388117598.4.Exeter Paint-new logo (1)
* give yourself a little holiday gift *

Why not give yourself a present this year?

What holiday projects are you planning this year?

It’s that time of year where things may become hectic with the holidays rolling around the corner, but with all this time off from work – why not take advantage of the time and finally redo that basement or extra room!

As Better Homes and Gardens writes in their “Holiday Home Projects” article:

  • Basement Finishing

    Whether your region brings ice and snow or clouds and rain during winter, chances are your outdoor living space will spend a good portion of the season out of commission. If your time indoors leaves you feeling a little crowded, look to your basement for room to roam. Finishing a basement offers a great way to extend your living space and also gives a higher return on investment than many other home projects. Whether you’re planning on selling your home come spring or you just need more space to live, consider finishing your basement.

101865201.jpg.rendition.largestSo why not hire an Interior designer and leave the work up to them this holiday season! What better present to give yourself or your family than a new place to be without evening leaving your home!

Visit A Beautiful Room Interiors for more information on their design deals and this seasons holiday specials.

Worried About Getting That Perfect Holiday Look?

If you’re stumped on how to decorate for the upcoming holiday season,
you’re not alone!antique-christmas-decoration-in-the-living-room

We can stage your home to be warm, inviting, and awe inspiring during the holidays.

We offer three Holiday Packages to choose from:

1) $99 – Two Design Hours | 1-2 Rooms
2) $299 – Four Design Hours | 2-3 Rooms
3) $399 – Six Design Hours | No More than 4 RoomsA_Beautiful_Room_-_blue

Contact Nina McCarthy for your Holiday Decorating needs.

images  Mantel-Christmas-Decoration-Ideas-1

Holiday Decorations

We’re jumping ahead of ourselves, but when this time of season rolls around, it’s hard not to think of our holiday plans! And with those holiday plans usually comes decorating!!!!

Nina McCarthy from A Beautiful Room, LLC collects her inspiration for holiday center pieces on her pinterest page. Below are our favorite three!

For more design ideas by Nina, visit her pinterest page or better yet, give her a call for a free constulation and she’ll give your home a touch of holiday spirit! 

Gorgeous Shiny Things Inspirations

The inspiring interior designer, Danika Herrick, posts regularly to her blog and Facebook page displaying beautiful projects that can work as inspiration for us all.

Her latest: an almost complete entry way featuring some DIY projects you can find on her blog along with a stunning stone grey wall color + leopard print accents on the stairs.

An Interview with Nina McCarthy | A Beautiful Room, LLC

“Would Cobalt blue be too much?” the woman asked Nina McCarthy while sitting at the lime green table in the entry of Exeter Paint.

Nina, interior designer, helped the woman maneuver through the various shades of blue – looking for the perfect fit for her kitchen walls. They bounced ideas off one another while flipping through the pamphlet.  

While Nina is available for in-store consultations, she much prefers visiting the clients home where she can get an idea of who they are, what they like and what style they may be seeking with their new interior decoration.

“I’ll walk in and look around, I take pictures, but I just get this feeling,” says Nina about starting a new project. “The colors just come to me, and I just keep going walking around the room: they [the clients] follow around saying ‘YES!’ or ‘Um, no!’ But I just see it in my head.”

Nina, passionate for interior design since a young girl, started redecorating her home at the early age of six.

“When my parents would use to go out to dinner and I’d have a babysitter, I’d go through the whole house and redo everything,” remembered Nina. “I would change my room around constantly, and I didn’t just do it at my house. I did it at all of my friends’ houses. So it just became a hobby. “

Her parents would come home pleasantly surprised and always say, “Oh my god! This looks really good.” So they’d leave it until a couple months would pass and Nina got tired of it and did it all again.

Now with her office based in Exeter Paint at 75 Portsmouth Ave in Exeter, NH, Nina does consulting and interior design throughout the Seacoast New Hampshire area, having turned her childhood hobby into her dream job.

Under the name A Beautiful Room, LLC, Nina has decorated model home units to law firms throughout the area – along with many a family’s and friend’s homes to add to her résumé, too.
Taking the plunge to make her passion a full time job just one year ago, Nina got her first big break about ten years ago when Renee Riedel-Plummer, owner of Two International Group, contacted her to decorate the new model penthouse in 1 Harbor Place in Portsmouth, NH by Memorial Bridge. Nina said yes.

“It was a huge success and it started to escalate from there,” Nina said. “She hooked me up with somebody and then somebody who knows somebody . . . and that’s how I got started.”

Before her big break, she had dabbled with smaller design projects with while she studied to become a certified Interior Decorator through Stafford Career Institute.

Now, Nina keeps busy with new projects all the time –her passion is visible in her work and she keeps her price fair which is why she continues to get raving reviews and repeat customers time and time again.

She keeps a positive outlook on her experiences that have led her to where she is now, “I feel like every single person I’ve met along the way has helped me to get where I am today.” While her happy customers keep her passionate for what she creates.

She says their reaction when they first see the finished product that Nina has been able to create for the family. “So yes, definitely, that’s the most rewarding. Their approval, their outburst, and excitement about their new space. Because this is their home, and when you go into someone’s home you have to tread very carefully and be very respectful.”

And for any of those young, inspiring interior decorators out there, Nina leaves us with his advice: “Be passionate. Be honest. Have fun.”

For those wishing to find out more information about decorating consultations, please visit Nina on her website: http://www.abeautifulroominteriors.com; Facebook @A Beautiful Room LLC; and at her office at Exeter Paint on 75 Portsmouth Ave in Exeter, NH. 

Playing With Fabrics | Seacoast Vibes

Do you live near the ocean or just want to capture that feeling of the seaside in your home?


Call Exeter Paint to make an appointment with in-house, interior designer Nina McCarthy from A Beautiful Room, LLC. She can help you mix and match playful fabrics and paints using our large selection of colors provided by California Paints and Benjamin Moore.

Don’t just stick to the ordinary. Mix it up and let us help you!

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Fabrics used in-house: Greenhouse Fabrics & Carole Fabrics