#PaintTipTuesday [014] The Meaning of Colors

Featuring our last #PaintTipTuesday of the month of March, we’ll leave our readers with a touch of purple — the color of royalty, luxury, wealth, and sophistication. Purple can also relate to romanance and as well as femininity.

Meaning: “Purple in its darkest values (eggplant, for example) is rich, dramatic, and sophisticated. It is associated with luxury as well as creativity, and as an accent or secondary color, it gives a scheme depth. Lighter versions of purple, such as lavender and lilac, bring the same restful quality to bedrooms as blue does, but without the risk of feeling chilly.” –Freshome.com

Where to use it: As there are so many variations of purple (as there is of every color!), each shade can depict a different tone and mood. So choosing where what shade to paint where can be totally dependent on personality. A pop of the color purple can go well in any room. Those looking for a more bold statement should stick with deeper purples while those looking for a light and whimsicle feel can seek out a lighter shade of the color.

We’ve chosen some of our favorites, but click each photo to check out our entire album dedicated to purple on Pinterest.


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#PaintTipTuesday [011]

As much as we love the snow, it’s hard not to dream of a warm summer day, the breeze gently passing at the right moment, as you lounge on your favorite terrace with a cold drink in your hand.

This week, #PaintTipTuesday brings you some favorite photos from our Social Media Marketing Manager’s (Sagan!) Terrace board on her Pinterest Page. If you’re looking for ideas to give your terrace (or patio or back deck) a fresh look – adding a color-pop with paint or fabrics is easy as 1-2-3. Some of our favorites include turquoise, deep yellow, and soft blues along with many, many plants!

If you’re a city dweller it’s nice to surround your outdoor space with plants in order to give you a breath of fresh air in your concrete jungle. If you’re lucky to have your own backyard or garden, well, lucky you. Keep in mind that your outdoor space can be your sanctuary and your favorite ”room” in the house with just a few tweeks here and there.

Happy creating!

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A home away from home in the mountains

‘Tis the season to head up to the mountains for a little weekend (or week!) getaway. And of course, even though we’re leaving our home — we still want to feel at home wherever we go.

We’ve made a list of things we’d like to see in our home away from homes . . . do they match what you wish to see??

1) Fireplace, Woodstove, Outdoor Firepit

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2) Cozy, rustic kitchen

3e8ccc616120075597a27f94355becf1 9209fc33ff49688e25877009b7a5b2cd fdca9915d93e61f7a20fe4b84cea654b

3) Cozy beds

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4) Tough windows

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5) Large decks

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So, basically >> wood, wood, wood !

Being in the mountains and in the midst of the forest makes us even want our home to have that cozy feeling of being surrouned by wood floors, walls, furniture, and the smell of burning wood in the fireplace, woodstove, or outdoor pit!

Do you all feel the same? 

Photos found on pinterest — from top to bottom, left to right:

1) via twinfarms.com
2) via fahrenheitstoves.com
3) via highest.heels.tumblr.com
4) via hookedonhouses.net
5) via indulgy.com
6) via digsdigs.com
7) via thefrisky.com
8) via vickeys-home.blogspot.com
9) via decoholic.com
10) via nely-bluehortensia.blogspot.com
11) via indulgy.com
12) via gallerihonshuset.blogspot.no
13) via Sherry Copeland
14) via locatiarchitects.com
15) via clipzine.me

Office Space Inspirations

Whether you’re a freelancer working from home or simply like an extra space to organize your things, you’ll love some of these inspirations we’ve found floating around the web!

1. Keep it fresh + open!  4be2e74b516d7e3bb4153e3a66d92fbf

Keeping your workspace filled with natural light and bright colors will help give you that extra motivation to get to the office every day. Natural light will leave you feeling more awake and focused as opposed to a dark and unnatural lit setting. 

2. Use those nooks!

Even if you don’t have an extra room to convert into an office, try making use of those small spaces and get organized. Convert an under the stairway area to a great 33f949a69f7df731ee724ecc92db3d17place to work and organize your books, papers, etc. for an out of the way office space.

3. Decorate the walls

Making your office feel creative can help inspire those juices to flow every day. Decorating your office will give that space your unique touch and make your workspace more comfortable on even your most stressful days.

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Photos collected via Pinterest and can be found in our “Office Space Decor” board!

Photos from top to bottom >>
1) via abeautifulmess.com
2) via centsationalgirl.com
3) via apartmenttherapy.com
4) via howtodecorate.com

Want Over $100 Savings in Paint + Design?

This holiday season, Exeter Paint + A Beautiful Room have teamed up to bring you over $100 savings in paint products and professional design expert advice as well as a chance to give back to the community!

13559669471109801342Happy Holidays Lights.svg.hi

Step 1: Bring in 4 Non Perishable Food Items to either Exeter Paint or Exeter Paint West anytime from December 3rd to December 23rd. Donations will be made to Cross Roads in Portsmouth, N.H.pacific_eggshell_large

Step 2: The gift for you! 4 Cants for 4 Cans Holiday Promo! Once you’ve donated your canned goods, we’ll give you 4 GALLONS OF INTERIOR WALL PAINT and A 1 HOUR In Home Color Consultation with Nina from A Beautiful Room ~ over a $300 value for only $99.00 !!

Step 3: Schedule your In Home Color Consultation with Nina today!

A_Beautiful_Room_-_blue388117598.4.Exeter Paint-new logo (1)
* give yourself a little holiday gift *

Painted Pumpkin Obsessed

We’ve been adding to our collection of favorite holiday pins on our “Thanksgiving Style” Pinterest board and we’ve seen a pattern of painted pumpkins . . . We may be obsessed.
Here’s a collection of our top five favorite painted pumpkins we’ve come across and are SO easy to do at home. From chalk paint (+ chalkboard paint) to glittery finishes, we’ll show you how to spice up your 2014 Thanksgiving table!!
Our number one choice is a mix of pumpkins: sizes, colors, and textures. You can get this look by using Rust-Oleum Spray Paints, or searching for your perfect gold via Benjamin Moore or California Paints at our Exeter Paint store locations.

<<via Dawn Mohler>>
While number two on our list requires getting your hands a little messy, it’s totally worth the final look. A great family holiday project to later place around the house. Paint the pumpkin a light base color, and then dip your hands in fun and seasonal colors to make your own Thankful Handprint Pumpkin!
Number three is also another version of the Thankful Pumpkin — giving you the option to write out everything you’re thankful for this year . . . 

<<via themelrosefamily.com>>

<<via eclecticallyvintage.com>>
While this isn’t TECHNICALLY a pumpkin, it’s quite a fun project where you can use those leftover paints to create this fun center piece design. Use Rust-Oleum spray paints of any of our Benjamin Moore or Caliornia Paints.

<<via anightowlblog.com>>
The last pumpkin to make our top five list this year are these gorgeous all gold pumpkin cener pieces. Again, Rust-Oleum is a go-to paint to recreate this stunning look! 

Worried About Getting That Perfect Holiday Look?

If you’re stumped on how to decorate for the upcoming holiday season,
you’re not alone!antique-christmas-decoration-in-the-living-room

We can stage your home to be warm, inviting, and awe inspiring during the holidays.

We offer three Holiday Packages to choose from:

1) $99 – Two Design Hours | 1-2 Rooms
2) $299 – Four Design Hours | 2-3 Rooms
3) $399 – Six Design Hours | No More than 4 RoomsA_Beautiful_Room_-_blue

Contact Nina McCarthy for your Holiday Decorating needs.

images  Mantel-Christmas-Decoration-Ideas-1

Wall Decals . . or DIY Murals for those boring walls!


Ever feeling creative and want to try painting your own wall art? Take some inspiration from this guy (martinus via Imgur) who took it upon himself to add some pizazz to his boring kitchen wall. 

Follow his journey below through his photos revealing his how to diy secrets! And if you’re still not inspired to take on this project — come in to Exeter Paint to check out the wall decals we have availble for you to choose from to add to your plain walls!







Anne Shetty | Blogger

After discovering the beautiful Anne Shetty’s blog via twitter, I asked to share her “just in time for (Canadian) Thanksgiving” project with our Exeter Paint world: Anne Shett’s chalk paint furniture makeover!

To recreate her new dining room table design, we can use Uniquely Exquisite Tintable Chalk Paint from Exeter Paint found at Exeter Paint + Exeter Paint West. For the finish, Anne uses a soft wax, clear – also found in all Exeter Paint store locations.


We can match any color you’d like at either of our locations in order to get the desired look for your personal style.

Below are photos from Anne Shetty’s blog of her old, warn table given some new love with a fresh coat (or two!) of chalk paint. The chalk paint table can be left as a solid color, or details may be added to fit your personal style. IMG_67651  IMG_6789         IMG_87301 IMG_8760 IMG_8740   IMG_8734 IMG_9417

You may visit Anne Shetty’s blog for more of her gorgeous, design inspiration

Furniture Flipping with Lauren Sawyer

Have those DIY projects all over the internet struck an interest? Repainting furniture to give it some new life? Adding chalk paint to old plant pots to make them look fresh and flashy?

Today to give us some more online inspiration is photographer, Lauren Sawyer, from Westbrook, Maine. Along with telling us how she got into creating her own furniture, she has shared photos of her gorgeous final products!

When you started repainting furniture, how did you go about finding pieces and where did you get your inspiration from? 

When I first started using Pinterest.com, I aquired a desire to re-do and create my own unique pieces of furniture. I went right to Goodwill and Salvation Army and found a bunch of cheap pieces that had the potential to be re-done and made into masterpieces! As the weather got warmer, I started to hit yard sales . . . This is where the hidden treasures are!

So, get out there! Head over to your Goodwill, Salvation Army and any last fall inspired yard sales to make some beautiful masterpieces like Lauren’s below! And then pop into Exeter Paint or Exeter Paint West for those new paint colors . . .

Check out her Lauren Sawyer Photography Facebook page and her Instagram account @lauren_sawyer for more beautiful wedding photos, senior portraits and landscapes!