Top 7 Reasons to Buy Local

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Coming from a small business blog, it’s not a surprise that we promote buying local. But, it’s not just a good idea because we say so – it’s helpful to the entire community and yourself in so many ways. Below are the top ____ reasons that you should not only buy local at your favorite paint store (cough cough), but you should seek out the weekly farmers markets, buy from the local corner store, or even find your next outfit from a smaller, local designer.

1) More money stays in the community.

There are various publications out there that state the details, but in layman terms, the more money you put into the community, the more it’ll be reinvested in the same area creating a better economy for your small city or town.

2) You will be supporting local entrepreneurs.

Instead of throwing your money at big box companies, support locals who have fought from the ground up and establish their small business. We want to keep this unique and creative mentality booming, so why not support your local entrepreneur instead of all the copy + paste companies that start to make every city and town look the same.

3) You help build communities.

With local business supported by locals, there grows a larger sense of community. Be apart of that bond.

4) Keep our community unique.

We usually choose a place to live because of what each city or town brings to the state. So when we let big box companies come in and take over, we lose a bit of the originality of our community. When we support local business, we’re giving the support to help maintain that unique personality we’re often so proud of.

5) Create more good jobs.

According to the National Employment Report, small local businesses continue to create almost double the jobs than its big business counterparts.

6) Get better service.

With a smaller business, you’re more likely to find friendlier, more knowledgeable faces behind  the counter waiting to help you with your questions. Most small businesses also understand the importance of community and are willing to out the extra mile to help you out. You may also find that with more personalized service & sense of community, clients may benefit and receive a better deal – in form of informal discounts or getting an extra paint sample or brush tossed in the bag for being a regular customer.

7) Local business are more likely to give back to the community.

It all comes back to community. A local business understands this better than the big biz that come in to spread their clones and earn the big money. While a local business needs to thrive, they also understand the importance of other local organizations and non-profits.


What are some other reasons why you think it’s important to support local business?





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