Summer Projects with Kids

The sun is shining, the kids are out of school, and their growing minds need constant stimulation. What better way to bond and be active than getting elbow deep in your next paint project (figuratively speaking, of course!) together.

We’ve found some fun projects that the whole family can enjoy and leave your children in awe for the rest of the summer (or at least a few hours)!

kids  kids2 kids3

Chalkboard Paint: We’ve seen it before whether in real life or in the movies, the children that go a little “color-crazy” when their parents aren’t looking. While your children’s personalization of your favorite wall color may not be what you have in mind, why not give them their own space to let our their creative musings. Chalkboard Paint is one of our favorites at Exeter Paint. We use it on the walls, on furniture, and cutlery. Have your kids help you paint one wall in their bedroom or play room for some outside the box coloring fun this summer!

Painted Frames: Not in the mood to paint an entire wall? Just add a splash of color with frames! Have your child pick a favorite color and get to work. Once dried, hang these frames up and let your little ones decide what they want to show off! It’s wonderful since they can swap out their masterpieces whenever they get bored. And you can always repaint the frames to keep up with their ever-changing favorite colors!

Stripes: Sometimes sharing a bedroom is the only option, but that doesn’t mean both kids have to compromise their favorite colors! By painting walls with stripes, you’re allowing each child to choose their own color while finding a mutual one that works with both. There are so many beautiful color combinations that will work well together — so don’t fret in letting your little ones help you pick them out!

This fun little project can help create personal space for each child! They can each learn to care for their side of things without it getting too confusing.

kids4Color Therapy:  And then sometimes an entire makeover is the answer. If your little one is super keen on one color in particular, don’t hold back! Learn from the best on how to get a smooth finish on your next wall project. To tie the roomtogether, bring in stripes and different shades of the chosen color to add depth to the room. White furniture is always a nice contrast and way to balance a room for a bold wall color.

What are your 2015 summer project plans with your kids? 

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