#PaintTipWednesday [007]

It’s been a hectic week of traveling and holiday parties, but we’re back this week to bring you another edition of #PaintTipWednesday! Last week was the all so lovely Christmas Eve, so we took the day off ~

This week – the 007 edition – we’ll be looking at sneaky ways to make a small room look larger with paint tips and tricks (just like an undercover agent)! 0fc91d64d7f0eab95a3096f0fcd22d86

Paint with light tones: Dark colors are definitely design-friendly, but they make a room appear smaller. Stick to pale colors such as white, cream, pale grays and blues to keep it light, airy and open.

Add color: Add color where they least expect it! Paint the inside of a shelf or give that old radiator a splash of color. By bringing in color in fabrics and paintings can add flash to a room without adding any extra paint.

Change a wall color: By making one wall a different color than the rest ~ a slightly darker shade of the other walls, or simply an entirely different and deeper color ~ we can create depth within a small room.

Add some stars and stripes: Okay, maybe don’t add the stars to the walls, but by adding stripes to your walls with add length. Try using different shades of white, pinks, or greys. It’ll draw the eyes upwards making the space automatically feel larger. Adding those stars in fabrics – whether it be pillows or throws can give a playfulness to any room.

Forget the walls, paint the ceiling: Make your eyes head up by painting your ceiling a lighter color than the walls. It’ll make the ceiling feel further away than it actually is, creating an open and airy feeling within a small room.

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