Paints! Paints! So many paints! #PaintTipWednesday [006]

Sometimes walking into a paint store can be like walking onto another planet with all the options available. So, that’s why we like to break it down for you before you even set a foot through our doors! And if you still have questions — our helpful staff are extremely knowledgable and can figure out the rest for ya!

This week: different types of paint.7728fe93-bc08-427c-b287-6e742e1b9193

Flat paints (matte): This paint has a nonreflective surface when dry. This type of paint is helps make a surface appear smooth and uniform.

Eggshell and satin finish: This style of paint has a little more sheen than flat paints, but don’t have that shiny finish either. Easy to clean, too!

Semi-gloss and high-glass: Best paints for surfaces that get dirty often and need some extra love in the cleaning department: aka good paint for areas that are wiped frequently such as the kitchen! High-gloss paints also have the most stain-resistant finishes — perfect for a child’s room or playroom where the walls aren’t safe from dirty hands (& feet)!

Oil-base paints: Best used on chalky sufaces or surfaces already painted with oil-base paints!

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