How Do You Relax? #PaintTipWednesday [005]

Being cozy and relaxed at home is one of the most important parts of our day here at Exeter Paint — so, we’re wondering how you find your peace? While routine and personal habits are unique to every one of us, we can find a common ground in colors that help us relax: #SoothingRoomColors 101! 

<< We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite shades (of grey! and other colors,* too) to help you find a calming color* to bring into your home whether it’s your bedroom, den, office, kitchen or bathroom. >>

Our top three color trends >>>

To start off our list, we’re inspired by the big blue, or the Atlantic Ocean as we know it. Always having a calming effect on the soul (for some of us, at least!) it seems right to bring blues into the home. Benjamin Moore & California Paint have SO many shades to offer, we’ll only post two of our favorites here:

1678  home-design

The very subtle hues of pink and cream mixed together make for a calming feeling in any room. Best mixed with brown and tan hues.

2104-60 2153-60 f949815fa2f9c672b00cb593b655f1ab

Gorgeous greys will make any room feel instatly warm and cozy. Add an array of these colors to a bedroom or den to create the feeling of always being in a warm, wool blanket.

bDSC_01013  HC-168 Desktop81

*All colors can be matched at Exeter Paint from either one of our paint brands: Benjamin Moore or California Paint. Colors also available in Chalk Paint. Inquire more at either of our store locations.  

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