#PaintTipWednesday [007]

It’s been a hectic week of traveling and holiday parties, but we’re back this week to bring you another edition of #PaintTipWednesday! Last week was the all so lovely Christmas Eve, so we took the day off ~

This week – the 007 edition – we’ll be looking at sneaky ways to make a small room look larger with paint tips and tricks (just like an undercover agent)! 0fc91d64d7f0eab95a3096f0fcd22d86

Paint with light tones: Dark colors are definitely design-friendly, but they make a room appear smaller. Stick to pale colors such as white, cream, pale grays and blues to keep it light, airy and open.

Add color: Add color where they least expect it! Paint the inside of a shelf or give that old radiator a splash of color. By bringing in color in fabrics and paintings can add flash to a room without adding any extra paint.

Change a wall color: By making one wall a different color than the rest ~ a slightly darker shade of the other walls, or simply an entirely different and deeper color ~ we can create depth within a small room.

Add some stars and stripes: Okay, maybe don’t add the stars to the walls, but by adding stripes to your walls with add length. Try using different shades of white, pinks, or greys. It’ll draw the eyes upwards making the space automatically feel larger. Adding those stars in fabrics – whether it be pillows or throws can give a playfulness to any room.

Forget the walls, paint the ceiling: Make your eyes head up by painting your ceiling a lighter color than the walls. It’ll make the ceiling feel further away than it actually is, creating an open and airy feeling within a small room.

bath4 J_412CHE_WombChair_0695aw9

A home away from home in the mountains

‘Tis the season to head up to the mountains for a little weekend (or week!) getaway. And of course, even though we’re leaving our home — we still want to feel at home wherever we go.

We’ve made a list of things we’d like to see in our home away from homes . . . do they match what you wish to see??

1) Fireplace, Woodstove, Outdoor Firepit

3f20ab1b14293e7cbd442466c7fcbaeb 90008504a131f14689b96de24bfaed82 ed0606d88821bcf6a13b6a899a026b24

2) Cozy, rustic kitchen

3e8ccc616120075597a27f94355becf1 9209fc33ff49688e25877009b7a5b2cd fdca9915d93e61f7a20fe4b84cea654b

3) Cozy beds

59963ecf6ef941163003cf1a27389f94 359d12926a702af7eaef800ce16cff89 0fc91d64d7f0eab95a3096f0fcd22d86

4) Tough windows

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5) Large decks

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So, basically >> wood, wood, wood !

Being in the mountains and in the midst of the forest makes us even want our home to have that cozy feeling of being surrouned by wood floors, walls, furniture, and the smell of burning wood in the fireplace, woodstove, or outdoor pit!

Do you all feel the same? 

Photos found on pinterest — from top to bottom, left to right:

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Paints! Paints! So many paints! #PaintTipWednesday [006]

Sometimes walking into a paint store can be like walking onto another planet with all the options available. So, that’s why we like to break it down for you before you even set a foot through our doors! And if you still have questions — our helpful staff are extremely knowledgable and can figure out the rest for ya!

This week: different types of paint.7728fe93-bc08-427c-b287-6e742e1b9193

Flat paints (matte): This paint has a nonreflective surface when dry. This type of paint is helps make a surface appear smooth and uniform.

Eggshell and satin finish: This style of paint has a little more sheen than flat paints, but don’t have that shiny finish either. Easy to clean, too!

Semi-gloss and high-glass: Best paints for surfaces that get dirty often and need some extra love in the cleaning department: aka good paint for areas that are wiped frequently such as the kitchen! High-gloss paints also have the most stain-resistant finishes — perfect for a child’s room or playroom where the walls aren’t safe from dirty hands (& feet)!

Oil-base paints: Best used on chalky sufaces or surfaces already painted with oil-base paints!

Chestnuts Roasting By an Open Fire !

There’s nothing quite like the traditional Christmas songs to put you in that cozy spirit of the holidays. 

We love Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire and all we really want is to curl up next to the fireplace in our home with a warm eggnog or spiced chai.

So we bring you  a compilation of fireplace designs hoping to inspire some new future projects after the holidays!

Which one do you find the most inviting for your home? best-fireplace-mantle-decor

>>  Fun photographs can make above the fireplacea unique spot to display your family, friends, and favorite moments captured on film.

>> Using above the fireplace as a frame for your television saves floor space for smaller living rooms or simply to add more big comfy couches!

>> Display candles and other decorative pieces that you can change with each season to give your fireplace a feel for the holidays or month!

>> Choose a simple, but elegant painting to crown the fireplace in your home.

>> A giant clock can be a fun way to display time in the living room — gotta make sure the kiddies get enough sleep every night!!

fireplacewall    fireplace-mantle-ideas

Cute-stokings-for-joyful-christmas-decorate-fireplace-mantel     Christmas-Fireplace-Mantel-Decoration-Ideas4

Office Space Inspirations

Whether you’re a freelancer working from home or simply like an extra space to organize your things, you’ll love some of these inspirations we’ve found floating around the web!

1. Keep it fresh + open!  4be2e74b516d7e3bb4153e3a66d92fbf

Keeping your workspace filled with natural light and bright colors will help give you that extra motivation to get to the office every day. Natural light will leave you feeling more awake and focused as opposed to a dark and unnatural lit setting. 

2. Use those nooks!

Even if you don’t have an extra room to convert into an office, try making use of those small spaces and get organized. Convert an under the stairway area to a great 33f949a69f7df731ee724ecc92db3d17place to work and organize your books, papers, etc. for an out of the way office space.

3. Decorate the walls

Making your office feel creative can help inspire those juices to flow every day. Decorating your office will give that space your unique touch and make your workspace more comfortable on even your most stressful days.

b957d813bb217d7d1869c80b3c6d8830       e2eac694de3af3234ccd880dcc9fde07

Photos collected via Pinterest and can be found in our “Office Space Decor” board!

Photos from top to bottom >>
1) via abeautifulmess.com
2) via centsationalgirl.com
3) via apartmenttherapy.com
4) via howtodecorate.com

How Do You Relax? #PaintTipWednesday [005]

Being cozy and relaxed at home is one of the most important parts of our day here at Exeter Paint — so, we’re wondering how you find your peace? While routine and personal habits are unique to every one of us, we can find a common ground in colors that help us relax: #SoothingRoomColors 101! 

<< We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite shades (of grey! and other colors,* too) to help you find a calming color* to bring into your home whether it’s your bedroom, den, office, kitchen or bathroom. >>

Our top three color trends >>>

To start off our list, we’re inspired by the big blue, or the Atlantic Ocean as we know it. Always having a calming effect on the soul (for some of us, at least!) it seems right to bring blues into the home. Benjamin Moore & California Paint have SO many shades to offer, we’ll only post two of our favorites here:

1678  home-design

The very subtle hues of pink and cream mixed together make for a calming feeling in any room. Best mixed with brown and tan hues.

2104-60 2153-60 f949815fa2f9c672b00cb593b655f1ab

Gorgeous greys will make any room feel instatly warm and cozy. Add an array of these colors to a bedroom or den to create the feeling of always being in a warm, wool blanket.

bDSC_01013  HC-168 Desktop81

*All colors can be matched at Exeter Paint from either one of our paint brands: Benjamin Moore or California Paint. Colors also available in Chalk Paint. Inquire more at either of our store locations.  

Want Over $100 Savings in Paint + Design?

This holiday season, Exeter Paint + A Beautiful Room have teamed up to bring you over $100 savings in paint products and professional design expert advice as well as a chance to give back to the community!

13559669471109801342Happy Holidays Lights.svg.hi

Step 1: Bring in 4 Non Perishable Food Items to either Exeter Paint or Exeter Paint West anytime from December 3rd to December 23rd. Donations will be made to Cross Roads in Portsmouth, N.H.pacific_eggshell_large

Step 2: The gift for you! 4 Cants for 4 Cans Holiday Promo! Once you’ve donated your canned goods, we’ll give you 4 GALLONS OF INTERIOR WALL PAINT and A 1 HOUR In Home Color Consultation with Nina from A Beautiful Room ~ over a $300 value for only $99.00 !!

Step 3: Schedule your In Home Color Consultation with Nina today!

A_Beautiful_Room_-_blue388117598.4.Exeter Paint-new logo (1)
* give yourself a little holiday gift *

#PaintTipWednesday [004]

As our #PaintTipWednesday continues we bring you the quote that inspired this weeks tip:

 ”Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?” – unknown

And as many of us know, there isn’t enough time in the days to get everything done — especially waiting for paint to dry to get on with the next layer before putting your home back to functioning order . . .
So, if you’re looking for a way to quickly dry your paint, grab the hair dryer out of the bathroom closet and focus on the wet spots that are really drying too slowly.
It’s important to keep the end of the dryer about two feet away from the wall (or whichever wet surface) to keep the paint from forming bubbles. Moving the dryer slowly over the wet areas until the paint appears to be evenly dried.wet_paint
*Of course, this technique works very well on smaller surfaces. 
For those larger projects, it may be best to close off the room, turn up the heat and either open up the windows or add a moving fan to help the warm air circulate better.


Winter time is the best time!

Winter time is the best time for those painting projects you keep saying you’re going to do year after year, but somehow keep getting pushed to the bottom of the ”to-do” list! 

We’ve decided to take our top 3 reasons you should pick up that paint and make one of these wintry weekends the perfect time to stop procrastinating and give your rooms a fresh look!

1) When it’s too cold outside to have the energy to put on all those layers, keep the heat turned on, your painting clothes ready and get to work! Paint will dry between 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit, whether the wall insulation is thick or thin. Use fans or space heaters to help dry the paint quicker if need be . . . but remember a nice cool/warm temperature will help the paint dry AND settle as it should. Unlike in hot hot hot weather when the paint dries too fast and you’re left with an uneven finish. For winter weather, nearly odorless paints can also be used to make the fresh coat of paint not so overwhelming when the project is done. So work up a sweat while recreating your space this winter!
2) If you get your interior painting done during the winter months, that’ll leave you time in the spring (when it’s not raining!) to head to the exterior of the house, paint, and leave your summer free of home projects for you to enjoy more time relaxing, eating ice cream, or lounging at the beach . . .
3) Paint Contractors work all year round and can help make your winter time blues fly away with a fresh look in any of your rooms. Contractors will work quickly and be out of your hair in no time. Plus, it lets you cozy up by the fire with a creamy hot chocolate as they do all the work! Prices will vary, but ask for recommendations at either of our Exeter Paint stores and our helpful staff will you send in the right direction to find the right person for you. 

* Benjamin Moore Paints + California Paints
available at Exeter Paint stores *