Furniture Flipping with Lauren Sawyer

Have those DIY projects all over the internet struck an interest? Repainting furniture to give it some new life? Adding chalk paint to old plant pots to make them look fresh and flashy?

Today to give us some more online inspiration is photographer, Lauren Sawyer, from Westbrook, Maine. Along with telling us how she got into creating her own furniture, she has shared photos of her gorgeous final products!

When you started repainting furniture, how did you go about finding pieces and where did you get your inspiration from? 

When I first started using, I aquired a desire to re-do and create my own unique pieces of furniture. I went right to Goodwill and Salvation Army and found a bunch of cheap pieces that had the potential to be re-done and made into masterpieces! As the weather got warmer, I started to hit yard sales . . . This is where the hidden treasures are!

So, get out there! Head over to your Goodwill, Salvation Army and any last fall inspired yard sales to make some beautiful masterpieces like Lauren’s below! And then pop into Exeter Paint or Exeter Paint West for those new paint colors . . .

Check out her Lauren Sawyer Photography Facebook page and her Instagram account @lauren_sawyer for more beautiful wedding photos, senior portraits and landscapes!

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