Picture this!

Looking for a different way to display those fabrics you love? Ulu Design Studio gives us some beautiful ideas on how to go about framing those fabrics . . . along with using frames in many creative ways to spice up a space.

Have Exeter Paint in-house interior designer, Nina McCarthy, help you pick the fabrics that will add ‘oopmh’ to whatever room you’re looking to add to! Nina can help make those DIY projects even less fussy with her expert advice!


Framing is no longer just for paintings and photographs! There are so many fun ways to decorate a space and make it personal. Here are a few inspiration pics to get the creative juices flowing…

Frame those fabrics. It instantly adds color and style to a space.  There are tons of discount fabric stores online and many will even send free samples.

Paint away! A stencil and some paint and you’ve got yourself a cool way to personalize a kid’s room.  But don’t just think stencil, have at it and create your own mural right on the wall.

Go team USA.  If clothes don’t fit anymore, why not frame your favorite tshirt or onesie. Soccer is a favorite sport in our home so we framed our toddler’s old soccer onesie and hung it on his door.  It’s fun and adds a pop of color to his space.

Or why frame anything and…

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