Splash those doors with color

In the spirit of fall and all the changing colors, why not make some major changes as well?

Your front door is something you always see, but may not always enter depending on the layout of your home. No matter the entry situation, why not make coming home a fun and vibrant part of your day? Or at least give your neighbors something to talk about . . .

Get great ideas (and paints!) from California Paints for flashy front doors! 

Colors used: DEA139 – Nautical + DEA105 – Cherry Bomb

Color used: DEA170 – Sea Turtle

And found on another DIY blog: Four Generations One Roof – doors for the Spring season! But why wait till Spring when you can do it now?! But still, their ideas are wonderful, we gotta give them credit!

And if any of these beautiful doors catch your eye, refer to this post at the store and we’ll figure out a color that California Paint or Benjamin Moore has to offer!

We love seeing your dream projects come to life.

*Featured Image found at Lucy's Lounge at Tutti Chic

Get Creative with Chalkboard Paint

While browsing this wonderful thing called the internet, charging up our creative juices, we’ve come across this brillant website full of ideas for Chalkboard Paint! And what a better way to spend a weekend than creating beautiful things!?!

1) Chalkboard Painted Wine Bottles (via Bell’alimento) : I’m sure we’ve all got some extra wine bottles laying around the house, and if you’re not that much into wine or you don’t drink at all – just ask around and soon you’ll have your own small collection. Use Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint in order to create your own center pieces for a wedding, event, or simply your own personal home decorations. Add your own inspirational words or leave unmarked. Both provide for a unique and elegant decoration.

2) Chalkboard Painted Mugs (via Wit and Whistle) : Customize these mugs with chalkboard paint to give your drinks they’re ow personality!

3) Chalkboard Painted Fridge (via HGTV + The Fancy) : Revamp that old fridge and give it some new life with a few layers of Chalkboard Paint. Make it a fun place for your kids to leave messages (or for you!) Good for list making, inspirations, or fun + creative drawings.

4) Chalkboard Stairs (via My Home Rocks) : Wait? Stairs you can draw on!? Yes, please. For a little more inspiration as you hike those stairs every day, add your own wise words or drawings.

For more amazing ideas, check out: Chalk It Up: 40 Creative Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint  + don’t forget to stop into Exeter Paint for your own Benjamin Moore Chalk Paint!

Don’t let another weekend slip away without making your own Chalkboard Paint project!

Recommendations | A Beautiful Room, LLC

 Nina has worked closely with my husband and I in developing a master plan, creative outline and strategy for designing and strategy for designing and remodeling our family’s home. We have found Nina to have a unique ability to conceptualize and execute on her vision. She has shown terrific style and flair in her designs. Quite simply, Nina has transformed our home from an outdated,  inconvenient and impractical design to one of comfort, charm, coziness and convenience for our family of six. We didn’t think it was possible.

Equally important, Nina has a superb hands-on approach to her work. She works confidently and competently with the contractors and construction crew as she manages their everyday activities. Finally, we have found Nina to be a great listener who hears our desires, needs and concerns and then transforms our thoughts into a vision, plan and efficient action plan. From the beginning it has been clear that Nina is intent on client satisfaction.

We are extremely satisfied with Nina and would highly recommend her as a creative, gifted, practical and proven design professional. It has been a true pleasure sharing our home and dreams with Nina.  – Christine and Michael Welts

Highlighting recommendations from our lovely clients of A Beautiful Room, LLC!
Nina loves helping all of you with your latest design renovations.

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As our lives evolve, so should our interiors

Your home should be a reflection of your lifestyle and tell the ongoing story of the people who reside there.  As our lives evolve, so should our interiors . . .

When people move into their homes they decorate and paint and hang window treatments. Then the years go by and it is easy to leave things as they are.  Soon enough, your home becomes dated.  The window treatments are dated and the colors reflect on years past. With just a punch of color and texture and a new set of window treatments your home can be transformed!

 Here are three great examples of rooms transformed and updated

 For more information, visit Nina in person at Exeter Paint on 75 Portsmouth Ave, Exeter, NH; Facebook @ A Beautiful Room, LLC; and her website www.abeautifulroominteriors.com 

Magnetic Primer | Ideas We Love

Looking for a fun and new way to display photos, notes, or your childrens artwork?

With Rust-Oleum Magnetic Primer, apply three coats to any surface and then top it with your favorite latex paint – you choose the color! Or try topping it with Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint for a multi-use surface.

The magnetic primer will give your wall the ability to act as an extra space to display almost anything with magnets!

Check out some fun ideas we’ve found around the world-wide-web! 


1* Use Rust-Oleum Magnetic Primer as a base before topping it with a chalkboard paint to make displaying notes + photos fun in the main entry way for all!

2* Use the Magnetic Primer and your favorite latex paint to make a creative space to share photos in your workspace.

3* Used in your child’s bedroom or playroom to have a special way to display their school work, art, and get their creative juices flowing with letter / word magnets!

Halloween Sparkle + Mirror Paints!

img_2062 $_35

Want to add some sparkle to your home? Or maybe add a twist to your typical Halloween decorations?

Check out our Glitter Clear Sealer + Mirror Effect by Rust-Oleum found in both Exeter Paint and Exeter Paint West. 

DIY ideas we love for the Hallowen season:

ml1004_1006_glitterpum_vert1) Sparkly Pumpkins Spray paint a layer of sparkle to small pumpkins for an extra zing this Halloween! Use any color variation of Rust-Oleum Glitter Spray + Glitter Clear Sealer to finish it off.

Display on the dining room table, outside on your front stairs, or anywhere you want to be reminded that Halloween isn’t just for dark and scary things.

2) Sparkly Skeletons Or maybe you do want some scary to add to your home this fall. With our DIY project, use Rust-Oleum Glitter Spray to color some plain white, plastic skeleton heads. Top it off with the clear seal and you’re ready to use these year after year for a sparkly, scary surprise! 

3) Mirror Effect Pumpkins Tis the season to be creative! With an access of pumpkins and creative energies flowing, why not try out our new Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect Spray paint this fall? Mix us the sparkle with some head-turning mirror spray. Simply take your pumpkins, apply mirror effect spray paint and voila! Some new life to a traditional fall decoration.


What’s your favorite Halloween decoration?
How would you sparkle it up or add some mirror effect paint?

Share your project ideas to us on our Facebook Page and we’ll choose our favorite at the end of the month for the opportunity for great prize give-aways! 

Recommendations | Exeter Paint

I want to talk about Nicole Durant the owner of this fine store. I called her last week to recommend someone who could stretch my carpets for me. She sent me to John Defino who was here today 3 days after I called him. He is such a fantastic job and a great price. If you need anything done always check with Nicole as she clearly can help you out. Thanks so much Nicole !

Highlighting recommendations from our lovely customers of Exeter Paint! We love helping all of you with your latest projects whether it’s with paint, wallpaper, flooring, etc!

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